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  • Introduction
  • Plotinus: the Platonic tradition and the foundation of Neoplatonism
  • Plotinus's metaphysics of the One
  • The hierarchical ordering of reality in Plotinus
  • On soul and intellect
  • Essence and existence in the Enneads
  • Plotinus on the nature of physical reality
  • Plotinus on matter and evil
  • Eternity and time
  • Cognition and its object
  • Self-knowledge and subjectivity in the Enneads
  • Plotinus: body and soul
  • Human freedom in the thought of Plotinus
  • An ethic for the Late Antique sage
  • Plotinus and language
  • Plotinus and later Platonic philosophers on the causality of the first principle
  • Plotinus and Christian philosophy

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