Iran (part. I)

Stimabililor, acesta este un post care, o spun de la inceput, iese un pic din segmentul temporal al AC. Avand in vedere insa ca in paginile acestei exceptionale publicatii se intalnesc destule articole ce acopera perioada de timp propusa aici (- - sec. V), m-am gandit ca postarea integrala a revistei este mai mult decat oportuna.

Initial am vrut sa pun toate numerele din Iran pe care le am (1 [1963] - 42 [2004]) intr-un singur post, insa treptat am ajuns la concluzia ca ar fi rezultat un post prea mare si prea greu de consultat. Asa ca m-am gandit sa-l impart in 3.

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Vol. 1 (1963):
  • Governing Council
  • Statement of Aims and Purposes
  • Foreword, by H. E. Dr. 'Isa Sadiq
  • Directors' Report
  • Edward Fitzgerald, by Sir Maurice Bowra
  • Persian Influence on Chinese Art from the Eighth to Fifteenth Centuries
  • Excavations at Pasargadae, First Preliminary Report
  • Excavations at Tall-i-Nokhodi
  • Iranian Bronzes in the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney
  • The Function of Religion in Persian Society
  • The Religious and Social Views of Nizami of Ganjeh
  • Application Form
Vol. 2 (1964):
  • Governing Council
  • Statement of Aims and Activities
  • Three Persian Poems
  • A Brief Report on the Excavation of Marlik Tepe and Pileh Qal'eh
  • Excavations at Pasargadae, Second Preliminary Report
  • Excavations at Tall-i-Nokhodi, 1962
  • Kuch u Baluch and Ichthyophagi
  • An Introduction to the Economic Organization of Early Qajar Iran
  • The Significance of Kita Burhan ul-Haqq
  • Application Forms
Vol. 3 (1965):
  • Governing Council
  • Statement of Aims and Activities
  • Director's Report
  • The Mechanics of Ancient Trade in Western Asia
  • Excavations at Pasargadae, Third Preliminary Report
  • Coin Hoards from Pasargadae
  • A Comparative Ceramic Chronology for Western Iran, 50oo-5oo B.C.
  • Zoroastrian Survivals in Iranian Folklore
  • Arghiyan. The Area of Jajarm in Western Khurasan
  • New Material for the Text of Hafiz
  • Iranian Dress in the Achaemenian Period
  • Le Vase en or de Hassanlu
Vol. 4 (1966):
  • Governing Council
  • Statement of Aims and Activities
  • Director's Report
  • Three Octagonal Seljuq Tomb Towers from Iran
  • The Inscriptions of the Kharraqan Mausoleums
  • A Report on the Mammalian Remains from the Great Cave of Mogan
  • The Walls of Tammisha
  • Iranian Kinship and Marriage
  • Black Sheep, White Sheep and Red Heads
  • Mahmud of Ghazna in Contemporary Eyes and in Later Persian Literature
  • Two Blind Poets of Shiraz
  • The Diplomatic Missions of Henry Bard, Viscount Bellomont, to Persia and India
  • The Pigeon Towers of Isfahan
Vol. 5 (1967):
  • Governing Council
  • Statement of Aims and Activities
  • Director's Report
  • A Lacquer Mirror-case of 1854
  • An Inscription of Darius from Pasargadae
  • The Iranian Migration into the Zagros
  • The Sufi Master as Exemplified in Persian Sufi Literature
  • The Evolution of the Iqta' in Medieval Iran
  • Notes on the Baluchi Spoken in Persian Baluchistan
  • The Sherley Myth
  • Some Ancient Metal Belts: Their Antecedents and Relatives
  • Qal'eh-i Yazdigird: A Sasanian Palace Stronghold in Persian Kurdistan
  • Ceramiques peintes de Tureng Tepe
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran during 1965-66
Vol. 6 (1968):
  • Governing Council
  • Statement of Aims and Activities
  • Director's Report
  • Excavations at Siraf; First Interim Report
  • The Relations between Edward I and Edward II of England and the Mongol Il-Khans of Persia
  • The Development of Persian Culture under the Early Ghaznavids
  • European Voyages in the Indian Ocean and Caspian Sea (12th-15th Centuries)
  • Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Modernism
  • Some Minor Monuments in Khurasan
  • The Iranian Press, 1941-1947
  • Luristan in the first half of the First Millennium B.C.
  • Excavations at Bampur, S.E. Iran: A Brief Report
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran during 1966-67
Vol. 7 (1969):
  • Governing Council
  • Director's Report
  • Excavations at Tepe Nush-i Jan, 1967
  • La Survie de Shilau et la Route du Khunj-o-Fal
  • Excavations at Siraf: Second Interim Report
  • The Drhibgird Relief-Ardashir or Shapur? A discussion in the context of early Sasanian sculpture
  • The Beliefs and Practices of the Ahl-i Haqq of Iraq
  • The Tahirids and Persian Literature
  • Kirman and the Middle East: Paul Ward English's City and Village in Iran: Settlement and Economy in the Kirman Basin
  • Excavations at Baba Jan 1967: Second Preliminary Report
  • Prehistoric Copper and Bronze Metallurgy in Western Iran (with special reference to Luristan)
  • "Some Ancient Metal Belts" - a Retraction and a Cautionary Note
  • Hinweise und Anmerkungen zu einigen sasanidischen Monumenten
  • Further Notes on the Shaft-hole Pick-axe from Khurab Makran
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran, 1967-68
Vol. 8 (1970):
  • Governing Council
  • Obituaries, Professor A. J. Arberry
  • Director's Report
  • Excavations at Siraf: Third Interim Report
  • Pyramidal Stamp Seals in the Persian Empire
  • Persian Lacquer in the Bern Historical Museum
  • Charles I and the Antiquities of Persia: The Mission of Nicholas Wilford
  • Iletmish or Iltutmish? A Reconsideration of the Name of the Dehli Sultan
  • Saka Studies: The Ancient Kingdom of Khotan
  • Dailamis in Central Iran: The Kakuyids of Jibal and Yazd
  • The Archers of the Middle East: The Turco-Iranian Background
  • Some Kurdish Proverbs
  • The Arabic Element in Persian Grammar: A Preliminary Report
  • The Genesis of Safawid Religious Painting
  • Excavations at Baba Jan, 1968: Third Preliminary Report
  • Excavations at Haftavan Tepe 1968: First Preliminary Report
  • The Khurab Pick-axe - Corrigenda
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran, 1968-69
Vol. 9 (1971):
  • Governing Council
  • Director's Report
  • Excavations at Siraf: Fourth Interim Report
  • Rashid al Din: The First World Historian
  • The Chronology of Turbat-i Shaikh Jam
  • The Fortress of Khan Lanjan
  • The Last Safavids, 1722-1773
  • A Problem Piece of Kashmiri Metalwork
  • The Proto-Elamite Settlement at Tepe Yahya
  • A Hoard of Ingot-Currency of the Median Period from Nush-i Jan
  • Towards a Chronology for the "Luristan Bronzes"
  • Luristan before the Iron Age
  • Shorter Notices
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran, 1969-70
Vol. 10 (1972):
  • Governing Council: Obituaries
  • Cyrus the Great (558-529 B.C.)
  • Sir Robert Ker Porter-Regency Artist and Traveller
  • A Royal Qajar Enamel
  • British and French Diplomacy in Persia, 18oo-181o
  • Saljuq Monuments in Iran: II-The "Pir" Mausoleum at Takistan
  • Who were the Chihilgani, the Forty Slaves of Sultan Shams al-Din Iltutmish of Delhi?
  • Excavations at Siraf: Fifth Interim Report
  • Tepe Yahya 1971 - Mesopotamia and the Indo-Iranian Borderlands
  • Elamites, Achaemenians and Anshan
  • Excavations at Haftavan Tepe 1969: Second Preliminary Report
  • Shorter Notices
  • Survey of Excavations
Vol. 11 (1973):
  • Governing Council
  • Director's Report
  • Geographical Studies in the Neo-Assyrian Zagros
  • Sasanian Maritime Trade
  • The Heritage of Rulership in early Islamic Iran and the Search for Dynastic Connections with the Past
  • The Ruba'iyyat of Omar Khayyam: a Critical Assessment of Robert Graves' and Omar Ali Shah's Translation
  • The European Diplomacy of Shah 'Abbds I and the First Persian Embassy to England
  • The White House of Khurasan: the Felt Tents of the Iranian Yomut and Göklen,
  • Abu'l Qasim's Treatise on Ceramics
  • A Greek Bowl from Tibet
  • Tepe Nush-i Jan, 1970: Second Interim Report
  • Rapport preliminaire sur la neuvieme campagne de fouille a Tureng Tepe (1971)
  • Excavations at Haftavan Tepe 1971: Third Preliminary Report
  • Shorter Notices
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran - 1971-72
Vol. 12 (1974):
  • Governing Council
  • Director's Report
  • Excavations at Siraf: Sixth Interim Report
  • The Ardabil Shrine in the Reign of Shah Tahmasp I
  • V. V. Bartol'd's Article O pogrebenii Timura (The Burial of Timur)
  • The Inscriptions of the Masjid-i Jami' at Ashtarjan
  • Geographical Studies in the Neo-Assyrian Zagros II
  • The Early Second Millennium Ceramic Assemblage of Dinkha Tepe
  • Excavations at Tall-i Malyan, 1971-72
  • Shorter Notices
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran - 1972-73

Vol. 13 (1975)
  • Governing Council
  • Obituaries
  • Director's Report
  • The Merchants of Susa; Godin V and Plateau-lowland Relations in the Late Fourth Millennium B.C.
  • Some elaborately decorated Bronze Quiver Plaques made in Luristan, c. 750-650 B.C.
  • Islam, Chinese Porcelain and Ardabil
  • The Ardabil Shrine in the Reign of Shah Tahmasp I (concluded)
  • The Masjid-i 'Ali Quhrud; an architectural and epigraphic survey
  • The Foundations of Persian Prosody and Metrics
  • The British Museum Mirzanama and the Seventeenth Century Mirza in India
  • Dalma Tepe
  • Early Fourth Millennium Developments in Southwestern Iran
  • Excavations at Haftavan Tepe, 1973; Fourth Preliminary Report
  • Shorter Notices
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran - 1973-74
Vol. 14 (1976):
  • Governing Council
  • Obituary
  • Director's Report
  • Isma'il II's Copy of the Shahnama
  • The Kufichis or Qufs in Persian History
  • Excavations at Baba Jan: the Bronze Age Occupation
  • The Effects of the Muslim Conquest on the Persian Population of Iraq
  • On the Connections between Iran and Babylonia in the Sixth Century B.C.
  • The Madrasa al-Ghiyasiyya at Khargird
  • Saljuq Dome Chambers in North-West Iran
  • Excavations at Tall-i Malyan (Anshan) 1974
  • Safawid Poets and India
  • Shorter Notices
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran - 1974-75
Vol. 15 (1977):
  • Governing Council
  • Obituaries
  • Director's Report
  • Qal'eh-i Yazdigird: The Question of its Date
  • The Elamite Cup from Chogha Mish
  • Early Cultivation in the Zagros
  • The Neolithic and Chalcolithic Periods in the Mahidasht
  • The Origins and Architectual Development of the Shah-i Zinde
  • The First English Guide Book to Persia: A Discription of the Persian Monarchy
  • Some Vernacular Buildings of the Iranian Plateau
  • Excavations at Baba Jan: The Architecture of the East Mound, Levels II and III
  • Shorter Notices
  • Survey of Excavations in Iran - 1976

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