G. Brown (ed.) - Ovid's Fasti [2002]

Geraldine Herbert-Brown - Ovid's Fasti. Historical Readings at its Bimillennium, Oxford, 2002.

  • List of Contributors
  • List oflllustrations
  • Martial Arts. Mars Ultor in the Forum Augustum: A Verbal Monument with a Vengeance
  • The Fasti as a Source for Women's Participation in Roman Cult
  • Vaga Signa: Orion and Sirius in Ovid's Fasti
  • Varro's Three Theologies and their Influence on the Fasti
  • Ovid and the Stellar Calendar
  • Seen, not Heard: Feminea Lingua in Ovid's Fasti and the Critical Gaze
  • Representing the Great Mother to Augustus
  • imperii pignora certa: The Role of Numa in Ovid's Fasti
  • Ovid's Liberalia
  • Contesting Time and Space: Fasti 6. 637-48
  • Added Days: Calendiical Poetics and the Julio- Claudian Holidays
  • Ovid and the Stage
  • References
  • Index Locorum
  • General Index
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