Myths of Creation M. Morford, R. Lenardon - Classical Mythology (2003)

M. Morford, R. Lenardon - Classical Mythology (2003)

  • Plates, Maps, and Figures
  • Preface
  • About the Authors
  • Part. 01: The Myths of Creation: The Gods
  • Interpretation and Definition of Classical Mythology Appendix to Chapter 1: Sources for Classical Mythology
  • Historical Background of Greek Mythology
  • Myths of Creation
  • Zeus' Rise to Power: The Creation of Mortals. Additional Reading: Parallels in Myths of Greece and the Ancient Near East
  • The Twelve Olympians: Zeus, Hera, and Their Children
  • The Nature of the Gods
  • Poseidon, Sea Deities, Group Divinities, and Monsters
  • Athena
  • Aphrodite and Eros
  • Artemis
  • Additional Reading: Selections from Euripides' Hippolytus
  • Apollo. Additional Reading: The Homeric Hymn to Pythian Apollo
  • Hermes
  • Dionysus, Pan, Echo, and Narcissus
  • Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries
  • Views of the Afterlife: The Realm of Hades
  • Orpheus and Orphism: Mystery Religions in Roman Times
  • Part. 02: The Greek Sagas. Greek Local Legends. Introduction
  • The Theban Saga
  • The Mycenaean Saga. Additional Reading: Orestes and the Three Electras
  • The Trojan Saga and the Iliad. Appendix to Chapter 19: Meleager and the Calydonian Boar Hunt
  • The Returns and the Odyssey
  • Perseus and the Legends of Argos. Appendix to Chapter 21: Bellerophon
  • Heracles
  • Theseus and the Legends of Attica
  • Jason, Medea, and the Argonauts. Additional Reading: Jason and Medea in Euripides
  • Greek and Roman Legends in Ovid's Poetry
  • Part. 03: The Nature of Roman Mythology
  • Roman Mythology and Saga
  • Part. 04: The Survival of Classical Mythology
  • Classical Mythology in Literature and Art
  • Classical Mythology in Music, Dance, and Film

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