Elaine Fantham - The Roman World of Cicero's De Oratore (2004)

  • Abbreviations
  • Cicero at 50
  • The Public Careers of L. Licinius Crassus and M. Antonius
  • Constructing the Dialogue: The Challenge of Plato
  • The Future Orator: Talent, Training, and the Choice of Model
  • The Orator and the Law
  • Oratory and Literature: The Spoken and the Written Word
  • Rediscovering Aristotelian Invention
  • Wit and Humour as the Orator’s Combat Weapons
  • Political Persuasion: Senate and Contio
  • Style and Substance: Cicero’s Rethinking of Elocutio
  • Res Pervolgatae: Words and their Manipulation in Standard Rhetorical Theory
  • Into Action: The Orator as Public Figure
  • Epilogue: The Statesman and the State in De Oratore and After
  • Bibliography
  • Index I: Authors, Works, and Passages Cited
  • Index II: Persons
  • Index III: Legal, Political, and Rhetorical Terms

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